Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reality Check: Which Party is in Favor of Winning this Election?

By ខែ្មរវឌ្ឍនកម្ម

      Depending on our judgement and the reliable data, which party is in favor of winning this election?
-The CPP have claimed their victory over this election based on their own and the NEC's data-- 68 seats to 55 seats.
-The CNRP have also claimed this election victory based on their own reliable data from all polling stations throughout the country--63 seats to 60 seats without verifying on numerous irregularities yet.     The following factors have led both parties to claim the same victory:

The CPP's Strength:
-The oldest political party in the country, created in 1951 as the Khmer Revolutionary Communist Party originated from the Indochina Communist Party founded by Ho Chi Minh in 1930.
-Well-prepared and strong built network of support from grassroots up all over the country
-No new introduced policies but maintain the current ones and proud of their achievement
-All levels of local administrations from group leaders, village chiefs to provincial governors, military, police, courts under the CPP's control
-The CPP controlled NEC is the state apparatus to guarantee the CPP continuous victory.
-Financial strength-- the CPP get millions of dollars of financial support from their rich business tycoons, Okya and high government officials in exchange for their business privilege and positions
-Superior media access-- all TV stations, most radios and news papers under the CPP's control
-Election manipulation-- set up systematic electoral fraud via the NEC throughout the country, creating ghost lists, double and triple name lists, deleting voters' names suspected of the opposition supporters, making them difficult to register and to find polling stations, buying votes, and intimidation.

The CPP's weakness
-Has been installed by Vietnam and has ruled the country since 1979,  long enough for the people
-Most people have viewed that the CPP is a tool of Hanoi to swallow Cambodia in the near future, as witnessed in this election--All Vietnamese were allowed to vote freely while many Khmers had no names to vote.
-The CPP-run government is among the most corrupted regimes in the world
-Dictatorship, ruled by one man
-Unequal economic growth, the rich get richer while the poor struggle to survive
-No social justice for all, only a small privilege group
-Miscalculate the support from the people, especially the youths, Believing that power can create money and money can make black to White and white to black: a mentality of the CPP
-Lost faith and support from the people in all levels

The CNRP's strength
-Unity between the two democratic parties--the Sam Rainsey and the Human Rights Parties
-Gain popular support from all over the country
-Create the great 7 point policies for the people and the country
-promise justice, true democracy, and real independence for the country
-Restore Khmer sovereignty
-Gain strong support from all Khmer oversea and international community
-Financial strength : get financial support from regular members and donation from Khmer oversea
-Media access : get some coverages from independent radios and newspapers inside the country, many foreign radios such RFA, VOA, and FIR but dominated  on Internet network and social media --Facebook, Youtubes, tweeters and so on.
-Most election campaign done by volunteer works

The CNRP's weakness
-New created party
-No big sources of financial support
-No equal media access
-The party leader was barred from candidacy and vote
-Not enough time for the party president to campaign
-The party's activists are constantly harassed and intimidated by the CPP's supporters
-Not well-prepared and organized, for most works done by volunteers
-The party's unity has not reached out to all other Khmer group or parties -- the 6 other smaller parties have wasted about a half million votes that the CNRP needed to win a decisive victory.

Based on the above factors, can you (the reader) express your opinion on which party is in your favor to win this election? The CPP or the CNRP ?

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