Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reality Check: Can the CPP and the CNRP Break this Political Deadlock?

By ខែ្មរវឌ្ឍនកម្ម
  After  heat up exchanges of accusations and threats on each other, the CPP and the CNPR have formally agreed to create a joint independent committee comprising of the two political parties, the NEC, and observation roles from the civil society and the UN in order to investigate the widespread electoral fraud throughout the country. This is the first positive step to calm down the complicate situation after the CNRP and the people across the country have strongly rejected the provisional election results announced by the NEC and the CPP. nevertheless, to break this political deadlock, both parties must show their political will and honesty in order to solve this problem successfully.

The political will of the CPP
-To win this election by all means
-To negotiate with the CNRP for sharing power in the new government
-Reject all foreigner involvements in the electoral inquiry committee while accepted the limited observation role of the UN
-To create the government alone
-Threaten to take away all the CNRP's seats and handle them to other parties if the CNRP boycott the first session of the National Assembly
-Threaten to organize their counter-demonstration against the CNRP's led demonstration
-Call for the people to stay away or not to join the CNRP's protests
-Expect to use maintaining rule and social order as an excuse to send the troops to crack down the protesters  as had seen in the past.
-Claim to win this election with 68 seats to 55 seats based on their own and the NEC's unofficial data
-Will create the same old government like the current one as we have already witnessed over 20 years

The political will of the CNRP
-To win this election by the will of the people as we already have witnessed
-Reject the provisional results announced by the NEC and the CPP
-Demand to create an independent inquiry committee including the two parties, the NEC, the civil society, the UN, possibly the US and the European Union to investigate the widespread systematic electoral fraud committed by the CPP and its controlled NEC
-Reject negotiation with the CPP to create government or to share power until all voting irregularities have been addressed and solved
-Threaten to mobilize the nationwide protests against the electoral fraud if their demands have not met
-Threaten to boycott the first session of the newly  elected National Assembly
-Claim their election victory based on their own data throughout the country at least 63 seats to 60 seats before all irregularities will be addressed
-Will create the most democratic and transparent government in the country's history
     If the two parties have no political will to compromise, the political chaos and bloodshed will happen in the near future. All Khmer leaders must learn from their past lessons and experiences and try to solve all these problems in responsible and peaceful manners. Both sides must be willing to make a painful concession to each other in order to avert our country from falling into the same current situation in Egyp and the 2010's situation in Thailand. Now we have seen a small glimpse of hope that both parties have agreed on the joint committee with the NEC and the observation roles from the civil society and the UN to investigate all irregularities in this election. This is a big step forward from both parties to help pave the way for peaceful solution on this election disputes. But the fruitful result from this investigation depending on the political will and honesty from both parties. Otherwise this joint committee is just the rubber stamp of the current NEC that totally has lost trust from all parties and the people. And eventually, the country will drift into an unforeseen future.

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