Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Khmer Have Proven Themselves as the Descendants of Jayvaraman 7 in this Election

By ខែ្មរវឌ្ឍនកម្ម
        Since the first day of election campaign, Khmer all over the country have shown their courage and determination to demand for social justice, true democracy, and true national sovereignty from Hanoi's domination, that we have never seen in our modern history. During the election campaign, tens thousands of people especially the youths bravely volunteered to help the opposition (CNRP) campaign. During the election day, as people lost their faith to the authority as well as the NEC to guarantee the free and fair election result for them, they actively participated in many different important roles such as the ballot owners, election monitors, and fraud detectors that had made this election a historic event for the country.
       As we already have seen this election campaign marked the turning point for our country that never experienced this kind of election campaign in the past. Tens thousands of people pouring into the street  voluntarily helped campaigning for the opposition (CNRP) party courageously even the atmosphere was filled with intimidation from the ruling party. Because they are tired of the long corrupted dictatorship rule of the CPP which has been installed by Hanoi since 1979. The only hope for the future of the country is to change the current government that has served the Vietnamese interest over the Khmer's. As the Khmer, we are proud and grateful to all of our fellow Khmer brothers and sisters who have scarified their valuable time, energy, financial resources, and even their lives in order to save our motherland from Hanoi's domination and to bring a true democracy for our nation.

      To reach their final goal of saving our nation from Hanoi's yoke and bringing the true democracy to our nation, they want to make sure that the opposition CNRP wins this election in dignity. During a long election day, our people were not only the voters but courageously participated in many activities that have contributed to the fairness of this election. After casting their ballots, most people did not go home; instead they stayed to watch their ballots to make sure they had counted them correctly. Some people acted as election monitors by watching all unusual activities and recording all incidents via their mobile devices in order to unveil the truths to the outside world; they successfully tried to prevent theVietnamese from voting in many polling stations and helped their fellow Khmer whose names were purposely deleted by the NEC, to vote. Other people got angry with the polling station chief when their names were deleted from voting list as a part of the systematic election fraud practised by the ruling party CPP.
    As the Vietnamese were allowed to vote freely by the NEC and the authority while Khmer had no names to vote, this situation had turned into a boiling point for all Khmer. As the polling station chief refused to answer this question and made no effort to solve the problem for the people, the situation quickly  turned into violence. Two military police vehicles were burned down by the angry mob, and it took a while before the situation was brought under control. All these activities and incidents have clearly proven that Khmer no longer fear of intimidation; Khmer started to see who are their real enemies and friends; Khmer did not allowed any one to cheat them any more; Khmer started to unite and to protect themselves; and eventually Khmer have bravely proved themselves as the true descendants of our hero King Jayvaraman 7 who always viewed the suffer of his people is also his own suffer.
    The provisional result of this election that indicated the CPP won this election contest totally has not reflected to the will of our people who have overwhelmingly demanded for change.  If this election held in a free and fair atmosphere without the systematic fraud set up by the CPP, the opposition party the CNRP would not just lose in a narrow margin (about 200,000 votes) but will win a landslide victory. The rejection of the election result by the CNRP is the right and lawful mean to do in order to protect the voices, the wills, and the rights of the majority of the people who have courageously casted their ballots for change. As the battle for election result has continued, all Khmer have learnt from the great experience of this election that has never happened in our country before. The solidarity and the active participation of the people in this election process have shown a great role model of the true descendants of our great ancestor Jayvaraman 7, that we have to carry on in order to fight for justice, true democracy, and true independence for our Khmer Nation.

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