Friday, August 9, 2013

The Show Down Between the Peaceful and Violent Forces

Mobilized troop
Peaceful but powerful forces

By ខែ្មរវឌ្ឍនកម្ម

    When the CNRP has planned mass protests against the unfair election result, Hun Sen has mobilized his troop in order to show up his muscles to the people. At the same time, Sar Kheng has repeatedly warned the opposition of potential severe consequences if the mass protests cause damaged to properties and public order. However, the verbal threats and the show off forces by the CPP will not deter or derail the will of the people who have determined to demand true justice and democracy for the country which has been ruled by the dictatorial regime over 30 years and has shown no sign to relinquish such the power grip.

     The key issue to this stand off between the peaceful and the violent forces is over the disagreement of the UN's involvement in the inquiry on the election fraud that conceivably committed by the CPP and their apparatus, the NEC. The CPP has claimed their victory based on the NEC's unofficial data and the chutzpah on their systematic electoral fraud as the public have witnessed. Meanwhile, the CNRP has claimed their victory too, based on their own data and the fairness of the result. So far, both claimants have firmly stood on their claims which have aggravated the political situation throughout the country. The CNPR have called for the independent inquiry into the serous irregularities with the UN as a mediator, but the CPP has repeatedly nixed the full participation of the UN in the investigation, for they have regarded as illegal action and violation to the country's constitution which clearly states Cambodia is a sovereign state. But the opposition and many political observers have not bought this CPP's justification and considered it as their political excuse to block the creation of the true independent inquiry. The CNRP has insisted the UN's full role as the mediator whom they have had only trust with.

      The show up of forces and verbal threats from the CPP will not smooth out the political situation in the country but virtually irritate it. The mass demonstration, if it will happen, it will be lawful, peaceful, and responsible one, but it will also be the most powerful expressions and voices of rejection of this preposterous election result that has marred by serious systematic fraud rarely seen in other countries around the world. In the democratic society, election disputes are settled by the National election Commission or the court which has a final say. In Cambodia as we have seen, the NEC, the courts, and the Supreme Constitutional Council are under the control of the CPP. Thus, the CNPR have seen only the UN as their last resort for lodging their complaints. To have the UN as a referee in this inquiry process would be also a saving face and exit strategy for both parties in such an uncompromising stand off. There is no liable consequence or penalty for any wrong doing found by this inquiry, but both sides just prepare to accept their fairness. Now, to help reduce political tension, the CNPR have agreed to accept the limited role of the UN and the civil society as the observation roles that can work a long with the independent inquiry committee comprising of the two parties and the NEC. Nevertheless, there are a lot more questions still unanswered.
     The CPP should not be worried too much about this independent inquiry if they have sincerely accepted the democratic principle. If they have lost from the result of this inquiry, they will still maintain enough seats as the solid voices in the National Assembly to negotiated or to block any new law that they have viewed as threat to their power or interest. But if they have won from the result of this inquiry, they will be at least the acceptable winner, and the opposition will eventually recognize and accept the result undoubtedly. And CNRP will continue to play the role as the opposition in the National Assembly for another five years term with dignity. This how democracy works. If you accept the democratic principle, you must play with it. You cannot play the communist game with the democratic principle, or you end up  playing with it alone. Democracy is the sole mean to guarantee the long term  peace,stability, and prosperity for the nations around the world. The use of forces has merely solved the short term problem but not secured the sustainable peace and stability for any nation.

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