Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A cold blooded murder of a prominent analyst, Dr. Kem Ley, and its ramifications

By Khmer Wathanakam

The cold blood murder of a prominent analyst, Dr. Kem Ley, has sent a shock wave throughout the country and Cambodian communities around the world. Many people have expressed their angers, sadness, sorrow, regret and disbelief. Dr. Kem Ley is the most courageous analyst who unveiled all social and political issues that the country and the people are facing: border issue, illegal immigrants, land concession, deforestation, and especially corruption involved with Hun Sen's clan in which the Global Witness has just released.  After analyzing the report related to Hun Sen's Family corruption, he was gunned down by a suspect who is more likely a hired killer or a staged killer since his primary confession was not well connected to real situation. And more evidently, the circumstance and time of killing raised more doubt among journalists and the public.  Based on sources from Facebook and other independent news, the gas station known as Star Mart was cut off electricity. First, based on one witness who wrote on Facebook, when his family and he went into that shop before Mr. Kem Ley was in, the shop workers told him that there was no electricity and their coffee maker broke, then they just walked out to other shop. But when Mr. Kem Ley came in later they had coffee available for him.  Another source said the shop employees saw more than one killer, but they dared not to witness them for their safety reason, and they claimed the electricity was cut off after shooting.  However, security cameras had recorded the whole event. Then police took them all without releasing any thing yet; they might cut or erase some important evidences before releasing. Secondly, the shooter shot Mr. Kem ley 2-3 meters away; why did the shooter stain with blood on his face and shirt? Thirdly, the killer accused Mr. kem Ley that he had owed him $3,000, but his claim was totally rejected by Mr. Kem Ley's wife and her brother. Fourth, the suspect could not afford to buy a modern and expensive gun to shoot the victim.  The suspect never knew or had any connection with Mr. Kem Ley, and he is very poor and broke because he lost gambling, according to his wife and his mother's account. Based on this primary information along with current political situation, and a pattern of assassination of many activists and the others in the past, this murder is most likely politically motivated, and the suspect is more likely a staged or fake killer who had been hired to act to cover up the real killers.