Saturday, July 20, 2013

No TVs Coverage for Sam Rainsey's Return

Sam Rainsey's return from exile
By ខែ្មរវឌ្ឍនកម្ម

       It is a great event for all Khmer people in the country as well as around the world, who witnessed this historical day that never ever happened in our history. The return of Sam Rainsey from his exile was greeted with ten thousands of cheering crowd from across the country. There is no any Khmer leader in history got such a huge enthusiastic welcome from the people, even the King Father Sihanouk. But there was a weird thing happened at this time:The absence of news coverage from all TVs in the country. Instead, this historical event was covered by world major media networks and some local FM radios and newspapers.
      In a true democratic country, such popular event fully live broadcast  from all kinds of media networks without any restriction. The full live coverage in such historical event not only benefited the people who can receive a fast and accurate information but also benefited the media networks which tried to get most audiences to watch their news that translates into more profit from their sale advertising. Unfortunately, Cambodian government has controlled the media in Communist style. The purpose of its media doesn't inform people about the truth but to propagandize the ruling party's policies and to honor its circle member only. Most news from the networks under government control are not just bias news but full of distortion and manipulation from the fact such as the border and  Bengkak Lake issues. The news always being twisted from black to white and from right to wrong.

     The absence of all TV network coverages for the return of Sam Rainsey clearly indicated that all media are tightly controlled by the ruling party CPP and only used as a mouthpiece of the CPP's propaganda . The CPP fears to see and hears the truth as the ghosts fear the daylight. They get used to lie, cheat, intimidate, buyout, bride, and corrupt. All these actions have become their social norm that contributes to social injustices. We don't have to look at all aspects of the society to see that if this country is democratic or not, but just look at the media coverage, we can easily make our own judgement. As a general election is near, and the media are not allowed to cover the opposition's activities, how can this election be free and fair?
      In contrast, even the black out from the TV networks for Sam Rainsey's return from exile, it would not deter and discourage the mass of people to cheerfully greet him at the airport. And as the absence of TV network, the social media facebook plays a major role for spreading the up to date news among the youth as well as most people through their mobile devices. Ten thousands of people bravely walked to receive Sam Rainsey without fear and made this event the history for the country. This import event also attracted many world major media such as the BBC, ABC, AFP, KIODO and SHINHAU that help to spread the news around the world.

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