Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cambodian Community Memmbers in MN Raised $17,100 for CNRP

 Fund raising organizers

Reported by Khmer Wathanakam

Minneapolis/St. Paul, ( Khmer Wathanakam)-- At least 200 Cambodian community members came to commemorate the dead of four protesters whom were brutally killed by Hun Sen's security forces and to attend fund raising for CNRP on January 11, 2014.  They also came to show their support and to express their sympathy to all fellow Khmer who are persistently struggling for true justice and democracy in Cambodian.  During a ceremony, Abott Moeung Sang gave sermon about the Buddhist five-precepts, appealing all Khmer leaders to adhere it in order to lead the country toward true peace and prosperity.  He also added that no matter where we live, we are still parts of Khmer Nation and share the same feeling and suffering that our fellow Khmer have experienced in the country.

Many community members came to share their pain and grief with all victim families, and their sympathy had expressed in their will and actions.  According to the organizers, Venerable Chum Vichet and Mr. Somnang Kong, they raised the total money $ 17,100 to support CNRP and victims.  Due to cold weather at this time of the year, many people could not come, but their donations kept pouring in with their friends or relatives who were able to attend.  And they plan to do fund raising again during the CNRP elected member Mr. Yim Sovann's visit to Minnesota on February 15, 2014.  After that Ven. Chum Vichet said he would organize a monthly fund raising to support the CNPR until its mission of saving Khmer Nation is succeeded.

Since the July election last year, most Cambodians living abroad  have shown their unity more than ever before though they still adhere to different political views and ideologies.  Now they no longer talk about different political parties or other movements, but they speak only one word "Sang Kroh Cheat" or " Rescue the Nation."  This word has sent a powerful message to all Cambodian people inside and outside the country to put aside all their differences and to focus on a sacred mission to save Khmer Nation first.  " If we have our nation and our land, we have every thing."

The Minnesota community members' fund raising is neither the first time nor the last one for them, but they keep doing so as their contribution to save Khmer Nation.  Minnesota's fund raising is just a small fraction of fund raising activities that we have seen from Cambodian communities around the world from Sidney to Paris, Montreal to LA.  Over the past three decades, oversea Cambodians have become the strong political and financial supporters to their fellow Cambodians inside the country, who have struggled to bring true justice, democracy, and independence for their motherland.

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